Professional Profile

More than 4 years experience programming. Experience with the following technologies:

  • PHP
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL
  • Java
  • Flash
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Photoshop/Illustrator


Summer of Code Developer - Google / Gallery

  • Created a new search engine for the open source Gallery project with an emphasis on improved performance and new functionality.
  • Complied with existing i18n guidelines to ensure product worked in multiple languages.
  • Wrote code that worked in a DBMS-agnostic manner and met strict requirements for automated unit testing.
  • Quickly brought myself up to speed on the project as a whole so my work could be smoothly integrated with the existing modular infrastructure.

Web Developer - Electric Arrow

  • Reviewed over 29,000 lines of poorly commented and structured PHP code to create documentation for one of the company's core products. End result included examples, support for user comments, and integration with task management system.
  • Designed and implemented a contact database import tool supporting csv file uploads with dynamic field mapping and integrated with existing CMS and newsletter products.
  • Created a new interface for company's CMS offering that allowed for secure inline content editing within web browsers using AJAX and PHP.
  • Developed, launched, and maintained high traffic ecommerce and ticket sales sites.

Web Developer - Aesthetic Studios

  • Created database and PHP backend for storing and displaying product information, as well as CMS's for editing the content in these databases.
  • Implemented PayPal payment system that received notification of payments, verified them with 128 bit encryption, and automatically processed orders on receipt of funds.
  • Built a CMS to allow clients to manage non-database content on their sites.
  • Implemented download system that would only allow registered users to download products from a website.
  • Created sites that meet XHTML 1.1 standards using CSS for layout, with strict accessibility standards that ensure access to the blind and people with older browsers

Marketing Specialist -

  • Worked with Microsoft Access, Goldmine, and MySQL relational databases every day to manage and retrieve marketing data and contact information.
  • Recognized the potential for automating some business processes, sold the idea to management, and designed, implemented, and tested Java programs that resulted in a 3000% increase in efficiency over a 1 year period.
  • Worked extensively with HTML, implementing applications to parse HTML pages for specific information and to communicate with web servers to retrieve content.

Foreman - College Pro Painters

  • Increased customer satisfaction ratings from 3/5 under the previous foreman to 5/5 under my leadership on jobs completed by the same crew.
  • Decreased production time on projects with the same crew, completing them 10% under budget rather than 20% over budget.
  • Handled all communications with customers regarding the job from start to finish.

Work History

Developer / Co-founder
March '03 - Present
Aesthetic Studios,
The Woodlands, Texas
  • PHP/MySQL Development
  • Distributed Development
Summer of Code Developer
June '07 - September '07
Mountain View, CA
  • Search Engine Design
  • DBMS Agnostic Dev.
Web Developer
June '06 - March '07
Electric Arrow,
Seattle, WA
  • CMS / AJAX Development
  • API Documentation
Marketing Specialist
November '04 - September '05,
Kirkland, Washington
  • Java & Network Dev.
  • Data Parsing and Manip.
Faculty Support Intern
January '05 - April '05
Bellevue Community College,
Bellevue, Washington
  • JavaScript
  • Education Software
June '04 - August '04
College Pro Painters,
Seattle, Washington
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership


B.S. Informatics University of Washington
Seattle, Washington
GPA 3.7
August 2008
A.A. Internet Application Development Bellevue Community College
Bellevue, Washington
GPA 3.9
August 2008